History & Values



The Gowing family started the company in 1868 and continues to use the company as its principal wealth creation and preservation vehicle.

The company, under 5 generations of the Gowing family, has prospered over 150 years of economic booms and busts, world wars and market crashes. The company’s origins were in retailing which soon led to significant property investments being made across Sydney’s CBD. At one stage, the Gowings Market Street building completed in 1929 was the tallest building in the city.

Gowings also had an early interest in equity investments being one of the founding investors in Woolworths. In the 1950’s, a significant re-allocation of capital was made into listed equities. Since then, the company’s investment portfolio mix has shifted between equities, property and private equity investments according to the prospective outlook for each.


Customer First

We recognise that without our customers, there is no business. They are our most important stakeholders and at the centre of everything we do.

Working & Investing Together

We work together to provide positive outcomes-both financially and generally-for members of the team, our shareholders and the communities within which we operate.

Our People Matter

We know success is reliant on a competent and highly motivated team. We endeavour to provide a work environment that rewards performance and provides constructive and fulfilling career paths for our people.


Do unto others as you would do…we believe in truth, honesty and transparency. And we actively choose to partner with those who share in our values and approach to doing business.

Common Sense Pioneers

Innovation and early adoption of constructive change are intrinsic to our organisational character and encouraged within a broader framework of common sense – never changes for changes sake.

Quality & Value

Our customers deserve the best, that’s why we are committed to continually raising the bar to deliver world-class experiences designed to surprise, delight and enrich their lives.

We’re Australian

We are an intrinsically Australian business with a long, proud heritage rooted in Australian family values. We’ve run a successful business for over 150 years so we know Australians pretty well.

Endless Possibilities

We share an entrepreneurial attitude, and a positive optimism and excitement for what the next day could bring. We are curious, open minded, strategic and resourceful and seek to continually improve our performance based on past experience.

Everyone’s Business

We treat the business as if it’s our own, as we recognise that we all play a part in, and share, its success. We never say ‘that’s not my job’. We are resourceful, face a challenge head on, make smart decisions and get results.


We are actively engaged in our neighbourhood communities where we have places of business. We create spaces designed to bring the community together in a positive and enriching way. We also acknowledge that we are part of the larger global community.

Environmentally Aware

We live in a unique world and care about its future. We are committed to adopting sustainable practices. We care about the future of our oceans and marine life and have established the Gowings Whale Trust to help preserve the future of the humpback whale.



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