Reports & Announcements

Reports to the Australian Securities Exchange

AGM Notice of Meeting and Proxy Form
Gowing Bros Corporate Governance Statement Final
Appendix 4G Final
DRP Shareholder Letter
GBL Appendix 4E 31 July 2018
Management Update July 2018
New Debt Facility July 2018
BCU Announcement 17 April 2018
2018 Appendix 4D
Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form
Annual Report Announcement
Appendix 4G
Annual General Meeting Date for 2017
Appendix 4E for the Year ended 31 July 2017
Gowings Concludes Port Central Expression of Interest Campaign
DRP Amendment
Expressions of Interest for Port Central
Shareholder Update April 2017
2017 Appendix 4D
Final Director’s Interest Notice
Director Appointment/Resignation
Gowings acquisition of Surf Hardware International
2016 AGM Results
2016 AGM Presentation
2016 Appendix 4E
Initial Director’s Interest Notice
Initial Director’s Interest Notice
Director Appointment / Resignation
Final Director’s Interest Notice
Director Appointment / Resignation
2016 Appendix 4D
Company Secretary Appointment/Resignation
Announcement: Chairman’s intention to resign prior to 2016 AGM
2015 AGM Results
2015 AGM Presentation
2015 Appendix 4E
2015 Appendix 4D

2014 Appendix 4E
2014 Appendix 4D
Likely substantial recovery in CDO Coolangatta Notes
Substantial Recovery of Investment in CDO Coolangatta Notes
2013 Appendix 4E
2013 Appendix 4D
2012 Appendix 4E
2012 April – Non Executive Director
2012 Appendix 4D
2011 Appendix 4E
2011 Appendix 4D
2010 Appendix 4E
2010 Appendix 4D
2009 Rights Issue Offer Document
2009 Port Central Shopping Centre Presentation
2009 Appendix 4E
2009 Appendix 4D
2008 Appendix 4E
2008 Appendix 4D
2007 Appendix 4E
2007 Appendix 4D
2006 Appendix 4E
2006 Appendix 4D
2005 Appendix 4E
2005 Appendix 4D
2004 Appendix 4E
2004 Appendix 4D